Hello, I'm Yarrut.


I love Snowboarding, Sushi and Oxygen.

Oh, and I also happen to be a designer.

I create icons, logos, web and print.

  • Bachelor Showcase — Fractals


    Senior Bachelor Showcase — Fractals


    — 2013



    This is my Senior Bachelor showcase at the St. Lucas University of Art & Design, Antwerp.


    I was looking at the world and noticed that everything that existed was a copy of something else. So as an art student I did not only wanted to investigate this, but also wanted to capture it in some way.


    The results are a series of images displaying fractals. I also made a small movie where I experiment with video-feedback, video feedback because fractals works in the same way. It also uses feedback from the previous image to generate a new image.


    The Chaos Theory/Butterfly effect says that every small/simple thing has the opportunity to become very complex systems without being aware of it. Therefore design does not need an active designer, it is the legacy of the universe.


    Everything we see, all the complexity comes from something very simple. And that simple thing keeps repeating, evolving and designing itself. But how simple it may be, it is still incredibly unpredictable.


    In my video I've created a loop with a TV and a webcam. Every output becomes an input for the next image. So when I give the system something simple like a hand or a pair of earbuds, it starts to design itself to become something far more complex.

  • My Quantified Self


    The Quantified Self


    — 2013



    With this project I tried to  keep track of which routes I took, which places I went, how long I stayed there and how frequent I go there.  It also shows when I was walking, running, cycling or took a transport.


    This all made possible by using Moves, a iPhone app which can keep track of those things. After three months of collecting data, I exported the data to a .JSON file and uploaded it in Nodebox (a  program developed by the EMRG group).


    Matthijs and I were working on the same project,  so we could compare our data at the end. He's a close friend and we basically go to the same places, so it was really interesting recording this.



  • GloSkinCare




    — 2012





    GloSkinCare is the official distributor of GloMinerals and GloTherapeutics in Belgium and the Netherlands. GloMinerals an GloTherapeutics are high-end cosmetic products. Unlike other cosmetic, they use natural minerals which does  not only make you look better, but also heals your skin instead of destroying it.


  • T's Homeshop


    T's Homeshop


    — 2012





    T's Homeshop is a website for Tania De Voght. She's a very creative person who has a lot on her hands. Because she's always making stuff she also wanted to show this to the world. I present you T's Homeshop.


  • Degomeat









    Degomeat is a company who produces natural dog and cat food.


    They asked me to design their new identity, logo and website.

  • Personal Branding


    Personal Branding


    1990 -




    My philosophy is that nothing is perfect or can be perfect.


    Therefore I'm always looking for ways to improve and develop myself.


    I don't settle with an OK, or a good.


    The only way to keep improving is when you don't take things for granted. You have to be open for new ideas so you're able to learn new things.





  • Internship


    Internship at We Make Graphics







    "Our main goal is to achieve a strong visual communication with a stylish design. To us, form and content are equal, both have to be at the highest level possible. We like to include you in all steps of the process so you can follow the improvements from start to finish." — The We Make Graphics Team


  • Vibes Magazine


    Vibes Magazine





    This was a school assignment. We had to design a publication raising topics that defines us.

  • Fenix


    Fenix Festival



    Boa Events

    Stad Antwerpen




    Website: Facebook



    Fenix festival is an art festival and party for youngsters in Antwerp.

    After winning a small competition, they asked me to design the identity, print and teaser movie.


    After the first edition, they we're happy with the collaboration and even asked me to design the prints for the next 5 events.

  • Origami Font


    Origami Font





    This is a font based on the Japanese origami. I made this font with a 3D program called rhinoceros.

    Each letter is a real 3D shape which can be printed.


    Also, the funny thing about this font is that the top-view and front-view (if you were looking at it as a 3D shape), are the same.



  • Wood


    Can't see the wood for the trees






    Can't See the Wood for the trees is a theatre play in Antwerp both for adults and children. We had to design something to give this theatre play more visibility. So I came up with the idea to make a map for children so they could get involved and eventually ask their parents to take them to the show.


    Beside the map, we made illustrations installed in these tree-ish-things made out of foam and placed them in public spaces to ignite the curiosity of the people.

  • Procesfolio








    These are  publications covering my works and inspiration.


    I've designed one for 2013 and 2014.


    You can buy both publications on blurb.


    120 p

    paper: Pro Line uncoated

    20x25 cm



    148 p

    paper: Standard

    21x26 cm

  • Master Showcase — Text to Glyphs


    Master Senior Showcase — Text to Glyphs






    Text to glyphs is a webb-app revolving around communication.


    With Text to Glyphs it's possible to communicate with other people using strong visual language.


    118 p

    paper: Standard

    21x26 cm

  • Fitbees









    Fitbees uses a unique approach that focuses on the health of every employer.

    With Fitbees they combine real workouts and healthy living with an interactive online game.


    I designed the FitBees logo during my internship at the We Make Graphics design studio.

  • Snippets




    1990 -



    Sometimes you just take random pictures of cool things, make stuff, find things... but they don't actually belong anywhere. Because in your mind, you thought that maybe you could use it in the future or something. But as it turns out, they're just these cool snippets that sticks on your hard disk and doesn't go anywhere.


    In this section "Snippets", I want to post all of the stuff that doesn't belong anywhere. I'm talking about designs or drawings that I made for fun or other stuff, anything at all!







I'm always open for some cool creative collaborations, just hit me up!


May the force be with you!